Syft is a membership site, curating unique product choices


We are not a brand, nor do we have loyalty to any company or product. And we are not a blog with a target demographic or philosophy. We just believe some topics (like skincare) are really hard to navigate, and needn't be. Like most blogs / recommendation sites, we do sometimes earn commissions on products you purchase. But our product review process and our tech processes are separate, so this does not influence our recommendations

Our mission is to listen to our members, and identify the items which offer the best 'fit' for their personal needs and preferences. And then explain each selection, including pros, cons and tradeoffs

We rejoice in our members' differences, and tailor each newsletter to contain only the most relevant suggestions for each individual

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Most product recommendation sites assume everyone is the pretty much the same

Bah to that.

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The syft team in action

(not really... no time to bake, we're too busy 'syfting' for skincare products)


A 30-something Harvard MBA, with a background in business strategy

Loves dorky sites like Wirecutter and Sweethome for their objective product recommendations… and beautifully curated lifestyle sites like Goop. But is too risk-averse to buy products which might not be a *perfect* fit, so ends up sinking a ton of time on research to tailor each purchase decision to her quirks (sun sensitive, freckly, petite, strawberry blonde...) and her preferences (low maintenance, high quality, minimal nasties…)

Thinks nobody is “normal” (maybe just has peculiar friends...), but believes everyone needs a shortcut to finding the best products for the *them*, whether or not their preferences are weird, or overlap with anyone else’s


A dreamteam of experts and writers, including skincare pros and cosmetic scientists, as well as  contributors of all ages, skintones and skin types, with all manner of (often contradictory) product preferences: from organic, to all-in-one formulations, to nasty-free, to travel-friendly... and everything in between